The Truth About E-cigs The Truth About E-cigs
An E-cig is a battery operated device that one can use as a smoking alternative.  It is similar to traditional cigarettes only that the e-cig delivers nicotine only for optimal smoking satisfaction. This is unlike traditional cigarettes where nicotine finds its way into the lungs through the burning tobacco leaves. The tobacco smoke comes reinforced with more than 29 other chemicals, as well as carbon monoxide and tar. It is due to this reason why many people today would rather use e-cigs, which are safer to use than these traditional tobacco rolled cigarettes. Little Known Facts about E-Cigs1. They are safer to use than traditional cigarettes:  Electronic cigarettes have been voted to be safer to smoke than electronic cigarettes. This is due to the fact that e-cigs deliver nicotine alone to the lungs, and the only by-product produced from vaping is water vapor.  This reduces risks involved with smoking traditional cigarettes that contain many more chemicals, and support secondary smoking too.
2. Economical: You can save good money from using an e-cig. An E-cig can last for more than 3 weeks with an average smoker, while the same smoker would be forced to buy a pack of traditional cigarettes every day. The single E-cig costs less than the amount one would spend on 2 traditional cigarette packs.
3. Refillable:   An electronic cigarette uses refillable nicotine cartridges, which can be topped up if the nicotine liquid is depleted. Refilling the cartridge is much cheaper than purchasing another pack. The concept of refilling cartridges eliminates waste produced through cigarette smoking, meaning they are ecofriendly.
4. Available in more than 25 flavors:  You have an option of sampling and even using more than 25 flavors as you use your e-cig. The most common of these flavors are banana, vanilla, menthol, cinnamon and wine fresh among others. You can even switch these flavors when having the cartridge refilled for your own convenience.
5. They are available over the counter and in online stores: Most states have approved the use of electronic cigarettes in public places. This has led to an increase in their consumption thus attracting resellers who make these e-cigs available almost everywhere. You can also purchase an e-cig kit online and have it shipped to your location very easily.
Although many people have embraced electronic cigarettes as a healthier way to smoke, some people still don’t believe these facts.  One fact is however clear to all, you can use an e-cig at your own will and never offend other people because it doesn’t support secondary smoking.  Moreover, some patients have been able to overcome their smoking thirst thanks to medicated e-cigs. Many people suffer and struggle to quit smoking especially when one is addicted. Thankfully, medicated e-cigs have made the process of quitting smoking easier.
If you have a friend or family member struggling with smoking needs, you can introduce them to e-cigs. It is through using these e-cigarettes that they will be able to save money from smoking and their lungs too.